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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 1, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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the heat as they battle not one but 2 brush fires. golfers didn't let the flames interrupt the game but the situation was a lot more intense for the firefighters. good evening. conditions were just rate for those fires to spread fast. it meant double duty for san jose fire crew as 2 brush fires ignited nearly simultaneously in tippeder dry conditions. one at the golf course. the second threaten homes on curry drive 7 miles away. allen live in san jose with new details. >> we have crew up on the hill tonight. snuving out hot spot and doing that the next 2 days. mutual aid santa clara santa ca couldn't fire department as far away as cupertino mountain view and saratoga all tapped for the fire which meant surrounding department had to fill in for those vick anti-stations. the resources out here were stretched thin cal. cal fire air tanker drop play a key role
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slowing down the wildfire that broke out around:30 p.m. >> i have to admit that cal fear cdf all the fire guys got out here incredibly fast. >>reporter: john and his wife lisa had front row seats to the flames that were sweeping up the hill towards sever multi-million dollar homes on the ridge. that's where hogan lives. >> all of a sudden i started hearing all the helicopters and airplane flying by. so i came out to see what was going on. >>reporter: shot the video as the flames began threatening the homes on scenic vista drive. >> 20 minutes later here comes the fireman. get ready to evacuate and another 20 minutes later said please leave. it looks kind of dangerous. >> 10 neighbor were evacuated including white who took his passport and some money. not far away the entire ibm research center was being evacuated and so was santa teresa county park. people were in a panic including phil who saidast past a police dog.block to save his.
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>> run into another police officer started yelling at me to good back. he gives me a ticket. >>reporter: firefighters never had to tap the water storage tank that homeowner are required to have. but they did pump water out of the family swimming pool which help save the homes on the ridge. 2 firefighters were also treated for heat exhaustion. if this is abc 7 news san jose. >> now this fire about 7 miles away as i said stretched the capability of fire crew even further this afternoon. we flew over where it broke out in wooded area at the olf course here. near center road. crew were delayed responding here because they were so busy at the hillside fire that allen just talked about in detail in south san jose. flames burned between 45 acres. now some golfers kept playing while crew from other city leak gilroy hadn't firefighters battle the flame. took less than 4 thundershowers bring it under control. some
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firefighters are going to stay at the scene through the night just as they are at the other fire to keep an eye on any potential hot spots. they don't want to it flare up agai again. investigators looking into exactly how it started. all right heading live outside now from our exploratorium camera along the embarcadero see the fog rolling that san francisco bringing some much-needed cooler temperatures. if we have more on the chance were really prime for fire today spencer. >> they were indeed. here's look at today high pressure as you probably know by now numerous location high pressure above 100 degrees over in the inland east bay sizzling. high of 105 in livermore. 103 at antioch fairfield and 90's many other inland location cool on the coast and it will be cooler in all areas tomorrow and wind has been a concern as well because of course the strong gusty wind will fan the flames when there's a fire but right now relatively calm or lit wind and most location except over fairfield and winds gusting to
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32 miles per hour and even beyond the bay area over the central sierra and in the areas to our north, interior northern fire danger a concern weather watch up north and sierra 8. see you for the full forecast shortly. because of the dangerous dry conditions in dublin and san ramone, homeowners are foregoing water for the lance. letting the grass just wilt away us a can see. many put signs in the yards smaing to their neighbors that they are helping out during the drought conserving as best they can. others are able to keep the grass green by using free recycle water offered 6 days aweek. homeowner who use too much water face stiff penalty first there's a warning. then a 250 dollar fine for second vital. then 500 bucks then 1,000 dollars. now those who continue to use excessive amounts of water could see the water supply restricted or even disconnected all together. >> if you at 11:00ment high speed chase ended tragically this san jose than what a manses
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deputy tried to help him. it started when santa clara county deputy found a man dog dead in santa teresa park. that followed a tip that the dog owner was suicidal. they spotted him short tile later and they tried to stop him. he was driving erratically. deputy got in pursuit. on to northbound 101. exceed 100 miles an hour. at that point we lost sight of the vehicle. vehicle exited the if northbound 101. collided with another vehicle causing the first vehicle to rollover. >> sadly the man being chased then shot himself to death. the driver in the vehicle that rolled over after -- the turned over a bit suffered minor injuries. off ramp was reopened short time later and back open as expected now. >> now look at this east bay commuters face delay after car carrier overturned martinez. 2 vehicle being transported topple on to the pavement. this happened just before six this evening. you can see they
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were pretty banged up. tow truck righted the two car that block the ramp linking northbound interstate 6 80 to westbound highway 4. nobody hurt but it was a bit of a mess and took more than an hour to clear away the wreckage. >> if school supervisor in livermore faces sexual abuse charges that involves a 14-year-old student police say. jason worked at livermore valley charter school since 2005. police say the abuse occurred between 2010 and 2011. he taught karate in an after school program. in oakland police hope new open line tool will help fight prostitution. departments has launched a web site to shame suspected pimp and johns. it has mug shot names birth date and city of resident and updated twice a month. on the web site o pd make it clear that the people have been charged not cop convicted and are innocent until proven guilty but they certainly mean to shame them. well on the last day of the
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supreme court session the justices handed down the decision against a portion of obama care specifically that family owned company like hobby lobby craft center do not have to offer some types of cop tra accepttive based on religious beliefs. tell tiffany wilson is live in concord tonight with more on this ruling. tiffany. >>reporter: yes the ruling is considered a major victory for pro life and religious liberty groups and it all started when the owners of hobby lobby felt that mandate under -- oak land home base green family owns hobby lobby and under the affordable care act must provide 20 types of contraceptive to their employees. the greens feel 4 kind morning after pill and iud are forms of abortion against their religious belief. today the supreme court cited with the greens. >> supreme court recat american that american family does not lose their fundamental right
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when they open a family business. >>reporter: it's the first time the supreme court has ever ruled that for profit businesses can hold relimb us view under federal law even though justice ruth wrote in her difficulty sent she feared the court entered a mine field. legal expert at berkeley sees the ruling as narrow. >> it applies so far only to this particular belief in a closely held corporation. >>reporter: not a publicly traded one. outside the hobby lobby in concord customers split over the decision. >> these their belief. if definitely think it's a step back everybody should have their own khoyshtion obama administration says they will work with congress to provide coverage to all impacted women. >> today decision jeopardizes the health of women employed by the companies. >> hobby lobby more than 15,000 employees nationwide. in concord, abc 7 news.
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>> more to bring you monday night open 7 news. coming up. giving our state youngest students a pwoochlingt the new school rule that is designed to benefit hundreds of thousands of california children. face go like this and heard a big bang. >> emergency landing in mid-ai mid-air. and evacuation slide inflates inside a plane. we explain why no one was hurt. >> hoping to catch a forty-niner game this season at the new stadium. may tougher than you think even if you have the cash. all coming up but first here's jimmy kimmel. >> thanks. here's a sampling of the none accepts we have in store for you tonight. >> happened on saturday correct threw out the first pitch at the dodger game. >> that's a lot of awkward effort. >> can't tell if you have great form or terrible form here. >> great
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about. >> sold out. season ticket holders have bought all of the more than 68,000 seats for the 49ers first season in their new home. levi stadium in santa clara. other fans have a slim chance of getting a face value ticket. mercury news reports the 49ers will sell 1500 standing room only tickets per game along with some seats that are not used by the visiting team and sponsors. but it's tough to get in. >> bill now moving to the state senate to offer foul day kindergarten in every california public school. right now some california school districts only offer half day classes. supporters of full day kindergarten believe it will help youngsters later in life especially when
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it comes to literacy an math skills. bill requires the superintendent of publicen instruction to come up with plan by next march for this. the assembly has already passed the bill. >> all right now kahn imagine this terrifying experience during flight to orange county in southern california. at 3 38,000 feet an emergency slide suddenly deploys inside the cabin. mid flight. by the way this is not the first time it happened either. david curly has the story. look at that. in the back of this united jet in flight an evacuation slide just inflated. >> i heard this whoosh sound. >> inflated like an air bag inflates in a car. >>reporter: it deployed inside with the jet at 38,000 feet. frightening at first, first thing that went through my mind is the if the chute open and probably popped out the door. >>reporter: the back democrats and republicans of the 737 didn't open. the but this is what an inflating slide actually looks like. think
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about all of that blowing up inside a jet leaner. >> like a snake. and first it was kind of alarming. >>reporter: chicago to southern california flight declared an emergency and headed for wichita, kansas with controllers asking about injuries. >> do you have any injuries from the deployment of that life raft. >> everybody is fine. >>reporter: the force of inflation has 10 flight attendant but in this case they started the bench service. nobody wait to go use the bathroom. no one hurt. passengers used the stairs to exit. >> how bizarre is that? the well now to mishap on the ground. student driver in massachusetts had one of the worst first driving experiences imaginable. here's the 16-year-old vehicle flipped upside down. after driving just 50 feet she made a right turn at stop sign however she never straightened out the wheel she was nervous. the car slowly turned toward the tree climbed the trunk and then flipped over leak this no one
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was hurts though the girl of course is extremely embarrasseey emcourse is extremely embarrassed. poor thing. >> count did you know on for tomorrow big knock out game between usa and belgium. one fan in brazil to watch thanks to the kind fez of strangers. this is ted gold felt the alter-ego of chicago native mike t.he was seen on tv dressed as roosevelt the former president who explored the amazon and fans went wild on social media. they start add go fund me page and raised more than 5000 $to keep him in brazil cheering on the u.s. team. mr. soccer stories and daily wrap of games go to our web site. >> watch tuesday world cup matches live on our network. then am argentina versus switzerland and at 1:00 p.m. belgium versus the united states. big screens set up for both matches at the san francisco civic center and for
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usa belgium at chavez plaza in san jose. around here it should be a great day for soccer. out at the big tv screen they set up an bring the sun screen but it will be a little bit cooler. >> after today's temperature readings bay area cool down tonight and tomorrow. here's high cloud before and some low cloud beginning to increase the presence ago the coast lane. here's a look live from the sfo camera and conditions there seem rather calm at 57 degrees right now exploratorium low mid 60's oakland san carlos. 68 san jose. 55 at half moon basement another live view lacking at what is visible san francisco sky loon from our exploring camera. obscured by the presence of some fog. 57 in santa rosa. 61 napa no have the o. low 70's at concord livermore. live view at golden gate bridge look at the forecast feature we see fog increasing overnight cooler in
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most 80's to. average temperature for the fourth of july. good news i hope. cloud pattern this afternoon and evening and now into the late night shows a surge of cool air coming up from our south that's why we have fog building up on the coast line. that pattern will continue during the over tonight hours with fog pushing locally beyond the coast license and inland. over tonight low will be still on the mild side with the presence of fog generally mid upper 50's to even low 60's we see tomorrow we see change in our weather pattern as the fog continues pressing against the coast lane. become to the coast lean in the afternoon hours giving way to mainly sunny skies but fog linger at the coast. high will a little bit lower tomorrow than they were today in the south bay for example low mid 80's up to 85 at san jose. peninsula teaspoon at san mateo o. 82 at palo alto. open the coast we have area of fog with hay in the low to mid 60's downtown san francisco high of 66 degre degrees tomorrow. 61 in the
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sun set district. up in the north by we see mainly sunny skies inland but fog cleaning to the coast. high 81 at santa rosa to 80 at sonoma 82 nap a.low mid 70's and 82 oakland and 73 hayward and 77 at union city and the inland east bay where today we had triple digit tomorrow we see only upper dwroys low 90's. 86 concord 87 walnut creek. 91 in livermore. 93 at antioch. 7 accu-weather7 day forecast and cooling trend i should say will continue right on into fourth of july which is friday. we'll see high thursday friday only in the upper 80's inland upper 70's around the bay. low 60's on the coast then over fourth of july weekend high pressure gradually inching back up to low 90's inland low 80's around the bay. >> july 4th we have some independence from the extreme heat. sfichlt he's a fire cracker. >> oh, boy.
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>> larry off and mike is here. >> tough tough day. >> talk about fireworks. they took the 4 game win streak. full of confidence. davis knock the cow hide off and grand slam and details coming grand slam and details coming up in sports. star command, i'm of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks!great gl! the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! this summer with a disneyland resort room and ticket package
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you get the time you need to enjoy it all. there's no end in sight! i'm going to need more time.
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>> well nothing takes the wind out of the sails like a walk off home run especially a grand slam. taking on the tigers in detroit. it was a former athletic doing the damage. tiger celebrating 30th anniversary of the 1984 world
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series championship team. a's in the sixth when miguel sends this him packing. 3 79 career homer tying orlando on the all time list 1-1 game. gap in left center. try to score all the way from first, he has some wheels. take a 4-1 lead in the 9th. blows the save opportunity. with a 3 run lead, right. wrong. davis jump on the slider. see you. one off grand slam first walk off homer of his career. crushing loss to the a achlts tigers win in dramatic fashion. 5-4 the final. team usa facing belgium and striker will be available. he pulled the left ham strength game 1 hasn't played since and at this stage of the tournament he wants to give ate go but soccer doesn't indicator pulled hamstring. starting stopping sprinting for 90 plus minutes. the coach welcomes his return. >> just having him with us l
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tomorrow is huge and how many minutes if that we'll see that did your the game. >> we are really hungry. we are not saturday fooit fight just getting on to the group stadium. want to go far in the world cup. for some of the gaze last opportunity so want to make the most of it. i'm sure we my to the best of our ability we'll get a positive result. >> quick brick before we check in today on world cup action. bad news for american tan is in fans no. longer a reason to hang around wimbledon no one left to represent usa. we left to represent usa. we explaine. continue.
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>> today world cup action 2 more games on tap. france will face germany next round. wow! germany took on algeria in the round 16 first time. if thomas sentimental and left heel what a shot. find the corner of the met for a lead. later on another shot on goal. he will be denied but writ to if the power n.algeria score moments later but not enough. germany ends with a victory. over to wimbledon bad news for american tennis fans. first time in over a century no american single player made it to the round of 16 male or female. john was the last hope 9th said facing lopez. kim out fearing. is as. 52 to be exact. winning the first snet tie breaker but lopez. tie breaker and only brick of the match. final game of the 4 sets to move on to the round of 16. he wins it 4 sets. face if these
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and moving on to the quarter finals. busy day for and mont month. >> i tell you what. the figure from 19 11 no american men or women that speak to the strength of international competition more than ever by. and look of young americans coming up. >> that's true. good point. thanks very much. stay with us we'll be back (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going.
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vagisil asked women if they have dry intimate skin. turns out, 1 in 5 of us do. let's do something about it. new vagisil moisturizing wash. the only wash created to cleanse and moisturize dry intimate skin. vagisil. your intimate health experts. is here's wake up weather early tomorrow morning. area of fog low clouds. south westin to 20 miles per hour. temperatures ranging from low 50's to low 60's. >> very nasty. spencer thanks very much. >> so glad you are with us tonight. thanks for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter, face back and all the mobile device with our 7 news app. next newscast 4
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>> does he look like a winner? >> what the belgian team has to suffer with. he is really good. an exciting game. >> it is going to be great. >> might take the day off tomorrow. >> to the guy who doesn't put on his pants one leg at a time like the rest of us. >> this guy is actually in japan.
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and turned it into an art form. he skillfully and gracefully puts on his pants without using his hand. the hand-free dance routine takes less than 30 seconds. >> certainly a great way to get dressed and get your morning workout on at the same time. quite limber. we wanted to see him to try that with jeans instead of sweat pants. >> huh, interesting. don't think i could do that. coming up. steaks are sizzling in the insomniac kitchen in time for fourth of july cookouts. >> the trucker stops a state cop putting the officer on the spot. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vistaprint. ght to you by vistaprint.
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